Commitment to the Environment

Nuggela & Sulé is Quality, Ethics, Sustainability and Effectiveness. To guarantee this, we’ve created the Kessaku stamp.


Kessaku means “masterpiece” in Japanese. During the process of our products, from formulation, production, packaging design, and until it reaches our customers we work to unite these four concepts in order to offer the best possible result.
We are committed to preventing and reducing the environmental impact and, of course, we do not test our formulas on animals, therefore we take part in the Cruelty Free policy.


We guarantee safety. Each and every one of our products have undergone a dermatological or ophthalmological test, called “Patch”. In addition, all Nuggela & Sulé’s productions comply or pass two types of microbiologic analysis: first, an internal analysis and later an external, to verify that the product has not been contaminated and is safe for its cosmetic use.


As a cosmetic company we do not test on animals. Animal testing for cosmetics has been prohibited in the European Union since 2013.

We perform two tests not only on active ingredients, but on the final product as well. These are:

  • EX-VIVO, test performed through living tissue which has been artificially created in the lab or donated by living organisms.
  • IN-VIVO, test performed through voluntary humans who volunteer to carry out trials and efficacy tests.


Nuggela & Sulé’s sustainability politics defends a durable model that combine the environmental responsibility with the economic efficiency and the creation of value for society in the medium and long term. This is based on 5 pillars:

  1. Carbon footprint reduction: We work on having our dealers under a 100 Km distance radius from our laboratory and logistics center, thus preventing long displacements that may produce a larger gas emission due to fossil fuels.
  2. Recycling and reusability: All of our shampoo bottles are made of recycled plastic. Jars and ampoule vials are made of PP-Green, a material made from sugarcane, which is less harmful to the environment.
  3. Sustainable Forest Management: The carton that we use for our kits and boxes have the P.E.F.C stamp, organization that promotes the sustainability of forests to achieve a social, economic and environmental balance.
  4. Sustainable agriculture: Most of our active ingredients such as Andean Maca, Quinoa or Tucuma Butter come from sustainable crops, guaranteeing profitability, environmental health, and social and economic equity.
  5. Integrated Management System (IMS): Nuggela & Sulé accepts and respects the Ecoembes Integrated Management System. This system is orientated to prevent and reduce the environmental impact of packaging and waste management produced by the company, which, in collaboration with local entities in the selective gathering of containers, guarantees the final destination of the recovered material.


All our products are effective. We have clinical studies guarantying their efficacy and effectiveness.
– For instance, for the F11 treatment, a clinical study was performed in which it shown a hair growth variation of a 41.2%.
– For the Amazonic eyelash strengthening serum, a clinical study was performed proving to boost not only the growth of eyelashes, but their density and pigmentation. (Visible results in less than 28 days)*.
We also use epigenetic technology for our specialized shampoos as well as for the treatment ampoules.

Nuggela & Sulé is cosmetic made by good people.

We understand the existing pathologies and main capillary problems and we work on formulas to solve them, improve hair health and its aesthetic appearance.
We are committed to preventing and reducing the environmental impact, and we are a Cruelty Free company as we do not test our formulas on animals.