About Us

About us


Nuggela & Sulé is a Spanish laboratory, leader in the hair care industry.


Nuggela & Sulé is committed to TRADITION: its formulas are based on natural and traditional remedies that have proven to be effective over generations, offering, in addition to talent and technological innovation, a line of high-quality products for skin and hair care.


Nuggela & Sulé takes its name from one of the most important islands in Polynesia named after the Maori God “Nga Sulé”, which translates to “the son of heaven”.

Natives worshiped Nga Sulé by respecting and learning from nature. According to the Maori God, wisdom and customs are passed from one generation to another through ancestral spirits, and so neither knowledge nor values are lost. Nuggela & Sulé’s philosophy is based on these concepts.


Since its beginning in 2015, Nuggela & Sulé recovers the most successful traditional remedies used throughout history to prepare high-quality and high-efficiency products.

The First Onion Shampoo
One of our most prestigious and well known products by our clients is the Red Onion Extract Shampoo (Premium Nº1 Shampoo), that recovers the tradition of using onion as a hair remedy. Due to its active ingredients, it can stimulate hair growth while providing more vitality and shine.

Nuggela & Sulé has won various awards in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. In addition, Nuggela & Sulé has also been selected as one of the best products in the market by the most prestigious magazines.

Innovation and efficacy
Is the first laboratory worldwide, able to develop a hair growth accelerating product, that’s has been scientifically proven through a clinical study.

Expansion and growth
Since 2015 the brand has been undergone continuous expansion and is now present over 5,000 points of sale in Spain. Also present in more than 25 countries internationally.

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