FO-TI is a very popular oriental plant due to its properties, containing 24 times more Zinc than other plants. An excellent source of Iron, Lecithin, and Choline. A perennial climbing herb which can grow up to 30 feet in height. Native to central and southern China. It is also known as He-Shou-Wu, name attributed after a Tang dynasty man, who’s infertility was supposedly cured after taking FO-TI while also recovering his youth and hair colour.


In Chinese traditional medicine, FO-TI is used as an anti-aging tonic, treatment for infections, and to fix erectile dysfunction. It is widely known as the rejuvenating tonic able to improve hair health while preventing the appearance of grey hair.

It has been used for decades not only as a tonic, but also as treatment for many illnesses and health problems, such as toning the kidneys, balancing the weak yin, strengthening weak bones as well as preventing the aging effects and restoring the colour of grey hair. It also protects the skin and it has a mild laxative effect. Research carried out on FO-TI root, has shown to help reduce blood cholesterol levels and decrease atherosclerosis symptoms. Studies in China investigated its use in the improvement of the immune system and promoting red blood cells formation.


FO-TI has a long history of its use as a tonic to revers hair loss and restore its natural colour.

Rich in Iron and Zinc, two essential minerals difficult to obtain, but beneficial to hair growth and restoring the natural colour of the hair.

FO-TI extract is also used in lotions and shampoos to help fight hair loss, and premature aging of the skin.

Like any other product, quality, purity and potency are paramount.



  • Strengthens the hair follicle
  • Improves hair volume
  • Delays the appearance of grey hair, and restores the natural colour of the hair
  • Anti-aging effect