Extracted from the poppy seed by cold pressing, retaining 100% of its nutrients. A natural, raw oil with high properties to pamper the hair, especially the most damaged areas such as the ends.

It has a high content of fatty acidsB vitamins, and has an important content of sterols, perfect for hair care. Poppy oil is quite easy to prepare, and is ideal to use both in hair and skin care formulations. It acts as a natural emollient that locks in moisture and hydrates on application.



A study was performed on 15 volunteers. The subjects shampooed their hair before applying one of the two hair conditioners provided. One of the hair conditioners was a placebo, and the other contained 1% virgin poppy seed oil. The subjects would repeat the same procedure the next day, but applying the hair conditioner they did not use the day before.


The greatest areas of improvement using poppy oil hair conditioner were seen in brushing wet hair; in the touch of hair while still damp, and in brushing dry hair.

Poppy oil on hair, improves:

  • Brushing wet or damp hair
  • The feeling when touching wet hair
  • Brushing dry hair
  • Easier rinsing
  • Easier hair drying
  • Smoothness, and improves the quality of the hair


  • Easier brushing of wet and dry hair
  • Provides a silky feel of hair
  • Softens hair and its ends
  • Nourishes hair, especially of antioxidants