Tucuma Butter belongs to the Arecaceae family, and is native to the Amazon region. Popularly known as Tucuma, grows in Pará, the north region of Brazil. Tucuma Butter is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids such as lauric and stearic acid as well as having a high vitamin complex like vitamin E. It restores hair that has been damaged by the abuse of chemical products such as dyes, hydrates and strengthens the hair fibers, anti-frizz effect, and UV protection.


Tucuma butter, is extracted specifically from the fruit seeds. An emollient rich in lauric and myristic acid that provides hydration, that is quickly absorbed by the skin. This ingredient is used for different types of cosmetics, especially those aiming to achieve new textures. Being a natural alternative to silicones, it has unique sensory properties, such as easy spreading and light texture, providing a dry and non-oily touch to the skin.

“Tucuma Butter is a natural and biodegradable alternative to silicones.”


study was performed in order to evaluate the sensorial profile of Tucuma Butter compared to two silicones widely used in the cosmetic market, and therefore validate if the Tucuma Butter would act in a similar way to silicones. The subjects were instructed to discontinue the use of any topical products used on their forearm area 48 hours prior to the study. They received instructions of the different assessments that would be performed, such as timing. Before the study, the subjects washed their forearms with neutral soap and dried them for 10 minutes in a controlled temperature (22 ± 2°C).


From the results of the descriptive and comparative sensorial analysis between the test products, it is safe to say that the Tucuma Butter showed results statistically equal to those used by the cosmetic market.

Therefore, Tucuma Butter is a natural and organic alternative to polymers. It is able to maintain the same sensorial profile as normal silicones, while bringing additional benefits for the health of the skin, hair, and the environment.


  • Internal and external hydration of the hair, due to the intensity absorption of its active ingredients
  • Hair protection
  • Strengthening of the hair cuticle
  • Greater flexibility

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