Red Onion Extract

Red Onion Extract


The Red Onion Extract, as well as its juice, are both worldwide known as a hair remedy that has been used since forever due to its many benefits, but especially its capacity to accelerate hair growth.

There are many documents on which recognizes the onion being used in the Middle Ages by doctors as a hair treatment and also by the Egyptians more than 4,000 years ago. There are currently published studies on which they demonstrate how the onion juice is an effective remedy against alopecia areata.

Onion also has other properties. For example it helps regulate seborrheic hair states in those people suffering from oily hair. It also helps prevent the appearance of grey hair, and eliminate dandruff.

Onion properties as a hair remedy:

  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Helps regulate the seborrheic glands in oily hair
  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Helps prevent the appearance of grey hair
  • Anti-Hair loss action
  • Greater volume and shine
  • Strengthens the hair

The secret behind the onion as a hair remedy comes down to two of its main active ingredients: Quercetin and Sulphur. Onion is the plant with the highest quercetin content, representing in red onion 10% of its dry weight. In addition, it contains a high percentage of Sulphur, used in beauty creams to improve the appearance of the skin.



Quercetin hair properties:

  • It stands out for its anti-inflammatory property

  • Helps reduce inflammation of the scalp, stimulate blood circulation, nourish the hair from its roots, and pausing its malnutrition

Result: Greater and better nourishment of the hair while improving its appearance, shine, and vitality.

SULPHUR – the beauty mineral –

Sulphur hair properties:

  • It has antibacterialantiseborrheic, and detoxifying properties. All perfectly suitable for the care of the scalp and hair
  • Helps eliminate bacteria and fungi while providing a completely clean hair
  • Eliminates dead skin cells that are deposited on the surface of the scalp, allowing the release of skin pores and preventing hair suffocation

Result: More effective hair cleaning. Especially indicated for oily hair.


  1. Reduction of scalp inflammation (Quercetin)
  2. Stimulates blood flow to the scalp (Quercetin)
  3. Cleaning and disinfection of hair (Sulphur)

Nourishment + Cleaning = Beauty



For hundreds of years the onion has been one of the most used hair remedies to treat hair problems or to simply improve its appearance. There are many beneficial properties attributed to the onion, such as the ability to accelerate hair growth, eliminate oil from the hair, stop hair loss and delay the appearance of grey hair. We now know that its attributes are purely due to its, two main active ingredientsQuercetin and Sulphur (also known as the beauty mineral).


Dioscorides was a doctor and botanist in Ancient Greece. He wrote the masterpiece ‘DE MATERIA MEDICA’ which became the reference medicine manual for more than 16 centuries. His work brings together information and studies on medicinal plants, animal products, and minerals. Dioscorides carried out one of the greatest tasks of research and data-gathering to create the largest and oldest pharmaceutical guide known. Its texts were translated into multiple languages ​​and was widely distributed until the 16th century. In De Materia Medica, he describes the properties of onion, its many benefits, and its properties as a hair remedy: “…by friction, for bald spots, as it causes faster hair than the false sponge.

JOHN GERARD (London, 1545-1612)

1597, John Gerard was an English naturist, herbalist and surgeon who published The Herbal or General History Of Plants, book dedicated to the study and analysis of different plants, where he describes the characteristics of each plant and their properties. It became one of the most important and consulted books of its time. In chapter 93, page 171, the author refers to the onion and its properties, with the following comment: “the juice of onion anointed upon a pild or bald head in the sun, bringeth the hair again very speedily ”.


Currently, there is a study published in the Journal of Dermatology in PUBMED, by Dr. Sharquie KE where he examined the results of onion juice applied to the scalp in 23 people suffering from alopecia areata. Those 23 people had onion juice applied twice a day for two months. Participants began experiencing hair growth after just two weeks of treatment. At four weeks, hair regeneration was observed in 17 people and in 6 weeks hair growth was evident in 20 people. The study concluded, after examining the results, that the use of onion juice as a natural and home remedy for people with alopecia areata problems, had a very beneficial effect.


Currently, there are multiple reviews on the internet of women and men using the properties of onion as an aid to accelerate hair growth or to eliminate oil and dandruff. These reviews can easily be found on YouTubeInternetforumsmagazines and websites. Many beauty secrets are published by different high traffic blogs where they present the benefits of onion as a hair remedy, reassuring that hair can indeed grow 2.5 cm in a month, (well above the usual average).

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